Grade 1 Social Studies Unit

grade 1 social studies interactions and interdependance of nations

Here is a unit for grade 1 Social Studies: Interactions and Interdependence of Nations, that explores the different holidays and traditions from around the world.


About Miss. Victoria

My name is Victoria Fredlund, but I am better known as Tori. I am a third year education student at the University of Regina. Some of my favourite activities include trying new foods, making art, and being weird. I also have a huge passion for traveling and experiencing the diverse ways of life from around the world. Cultural diversity and appreciation is something that I strongly believe should be incorporated into the classroom. Every child deserves to feel welcome in the classroom, and I feel that embracing and exploring cultures is a great way to achieve this. We as teachers need to remember that our students can teach us just as much as we teach them! Cheers! 🙂

Cultural Diversity in the Classroom

Books about friendship around the world:

Multicultural activities:

Virtual field trips:

Games from around the world

Preparing for Cultural Diversity: Resources for teachers                   

Tips for teaching diversity in the classroom:                     


Grade 3 Social Studies: One room schoolhouse


1.  Lesson Plan Information
Subject/Course: Social Studies Name:   Victoria Fredlund
Grade Level: 3 Date:        Dec 2
Topic:   One room schoolhouse Length of Period: 55min


2.  Outcomes and Indicators
Outcome: IN3.1

Analyze daily life in a diversity of communities.

  • Describe characteristics of daily life in communities studied, and compare the ways in which the needs are met by individuals in diverse communities (e.g., housing, tools, work, use of the land, games, education).

c.       Compare life of a child in the local community to life of a child in one of the communities studied (e.g., family, housing, education, recreation).




3.  Learning objectives
Today learners will:

–          Think about the ways school has changed since the 1800’s

–          experience what it was like to go to school in the 1800’s

–          engage in classroom games from the 1800’s



4. Preparation
(Equipment/ materials/ set up)

–        PowerPoint on one room schoolhouses.

–        Pictures of one room schoolhouse

–        List of rules for teachers in the 1800’s

–        Dry erase markers

–        Blindfold/hanky


5.  Prerequisite learning
What prior experiences, knowledge and skills do the learners bring with them to this learning experience?

–        Students should have an understanding about the pioneers and their journey to Canada

–        Students should have some prior knowledge of pioneers and their way of life





Instructional strategies


–        Interactive instruction

–        Direct instruction

–        Independent study


Lesson Outline
–        Ask students to stand up out of their desk, females go to the right side of the classroom and males to the left, and find a desk.

–        Read them a list of schoolhouse rules from the 1800’s and ask them if they would like to attend a school with those rules.

–        Tell students to quickly and quietly go back to their desks.


–        Have students take out their dry erase markers and independently make a list on their desk of the things they think are necessary for school, and what they would expect to see in a school

–        Ask students to offer their ideas and make a list on the smart board

–        Show them pictures of a one room school house and have them read out load together the daily routine in a one room schoolhouse.

–        Ask students what materials were used in the one room schoolhouse

–        Ask students how school has changed since then? Make notes on the board

–        Have students read outload together the rules that teachers were expected to follow. Ask them if these rules seem fair.


–        Ask students if they are happy coming to our school every day? Do they enjoy the activities we do? The lessons we learn? Would they enjoy school in the 1800’s?

–        End lesson with a traditional classroom game from the 1800’s called “blind man’s bluff”

Game instructions:

–        Choose one student to be “it”

–        Take them outside of the classroom and blindfold them

–        Allow other students to move around the classroom and pick an open spot

–        Bring the student that is “it” back into the classroom, they have to walk around the classroom until they find a classmate, they have to try and guess who it is they found.

–        If they are right, the person they guessed is blindfolded next, if they are wrong the student’s name they said can go next.



Blind Man’s Bluff game instructions: Cabin Village Pioneer School Teacher’s Guide: Heritage Village School, Lincoln Nebraska  Diane Winans, Eagle Mountain Elementary  Shelly Couch, Saginaw Elementary  Log Cabin Village Staff.


Schoolhouse powerpoint: school house lesson